Career Coaching

How do you feel about what you have achieved in your working life so far? Are you happy with your progress? Do you know that you are capable of doing so much more?

We live in times of great opportunity; if you have drive and ambition there is no reason why you cannot progress within your chosen profession. But…… you need to be committed to making it happen and you need to take charge of your own career development in order to stand out from the crowd and progress.

Investing in a good coach and mentor can help you explore and understand what is best for you as an individual, develop your skill set, expand your comfort zone and create your own opportunities. By combining both coaching and mentoring I help you uncover and overcome the things that are holding you back, I provide practical support, advice and guidance so that you can create and execute a compelling action plan that moves you forward towards greater success.

Some of the things I typically help individuals with include:
~ Career development planning
~ Improving personal performance against business objectives and personal goals
~ Supporting newly appointed and recently promoted leaders in their first 3-6 months on the job
~ Supporting individuals taking on new challenges at work
~ Mastering the leadership skills and behaviours needed to deliver great results
~ Preparing for promotion
~ Finding the career path that is right for you
~ Interview skills

Career Coaching has many benefits:
~ A clear understanding of your strengths and abilities and how to harness them
~ New ways to further develop yourself in order to maximise your potential
~ A clearer vision of your future and how to achieve your goals
~ Improved career decision making skills
~ Knowledge as to what work environments will make you thrive
~ An understanding of what motivates you
~ Greater self-confidence and belief in your own worth