Power up Your Career!

Do you need to reignite your career, refocus your path or strengthen your skills?

We live in times of great opportunity; if you have drive and ambition there is no reason why you cannot progress within your chosen profession. But…… you need to be committed to making it happen and you need to take charge of your own career development in order to stand out from the crowd and progress.

Career coaching can help if you are looking to:
~ Improve your career progression with your current organisation
~ Move into a new external role
~ Explore your career options
~ Change career direction
~ Overcome a feeling of being “stuck” career-wise
~ Position yourself for future opportunities
~ Proactively manage career risks such as the threat of redundancy
~ Realign your working life and personal priorities

Investing in a good coach and mentor can help you explore and understand what is best for you as an individual, develop your skill set, expand your comfort zone and create your own opportunities. By combining both coaching and mentoring I can help you uncover and overcome the things that are holding you back and provide practical support, advice and guidance so that you can create and execute a realistic career action plan that moves you forward towards greater success.

A typical Career Coaching programme includes:
~ An initial 30 minute meeting to clarify your coaching goals
3 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions (face to face or Skype)
Personalised career development tools and exercises
Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Interested in finding out more?

Book a Free Icebreaker – an informal chat (and I promise, no sales pitch!) where you can:
discover if a coach is what you need
learn what career coaching is and how it will benefit you
determine if we’re a good “fit” for each other
decide which programme would best suit you
ask questions about how we will work together

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