Develop Talent & Unlock Potential

Take a fresh approach to 21st Century talent management and positively impact employee retention and engagement.

Genuine career development focuses not only on developing the skills the organisation will need in the future but maximising business performance by aligning employee strengths with company’s business objectives. It keeps your key people engaged and invested by looking at how they can continually enhance their career with or without promotion. Taking the right approach means that you can talk to your employees about their careers – and keep them!

My range of career development workshops and 121 career management programmes will complement your organisational career management processes. 

They can provide a range of benefits to your organisation which include:
~ Activating the hidden potential of your workforce
~ Enhancing the return on investment for staff training and development
~ Increasing motivation and engagement level
~ Improving talent retention
~ Encouraging staff to be more proactive regarding their career development

Taking the time to talk to someone, helping them explore what they really want from their careers and supporting them to achieve their goals builds commitment and loyalty. Harnessing employee strengths and aligning personal career goals with organisational strategic goals can inspire great performance and lead to mutual success.

Career Management Workshops
These are tailored to your specific needs and may include those identified as high potential employees, groups actively seeking career development, as well as individuals facing career uncertainty. Taking time out to focus on their career enables them to assess their current situation and develop an action plan for the future. 

The workshop typically covers the following:
Self-assessment of career values, skills and experience
How to proactively uncover and create opportunities
Identifying career blocks and how to overcome them
How to have a career conversation with your manager
Devising a practical career action plan to achieve your career goals
Building resilience and adaptability

One to One Career Coaching
These are individual, confidential career coaching sessions which may be run in tandem with the workshops or separately.

They are ideal for staff:
Newly appointed or promoted and adjusting to a new role
Seeking promotion or career development
Taking on new challenges
Needing to make an important career decision
Struggling with performance
Who may not be in the right role