Welcome to Momentwm Consulting

“Thought provoking and challenging are the best suitable words I can use to describe the coaching. Ruth has a unique ability to get you to think about things that you didn’t even know were possible! She is a superb coach and isn’t afraid to keep challenging you in order to ensure you are exploring all options”

A professionally qualified and experienced coach, I specialise in leadership development, career coaching and talent retention. I am fortunate enough to have a job where I can indulge my passion for helping individuals achieve their career potential and organisations retain their top talent.

I believe career development is one of the most powerful, yet under-utilised tools when it comes to driving engagement, retention and business results. Equally, personal career planning is something that the vast majority of us neglect – in fact we spend more time choosing our annual holiday than we do planning our careers!

Developing career partnerships with your employees will allow you to access the latent potential of your workforce, align it with your organisations goals and at the same time enhance personal motivation and employee engagement. You can talk to your employees about their careers and keep them!

Taking charge of your own career, exploring your skill set and expanding your comfort zone will allow you to consider strategies for setting and achieving career goals and overcoming blockers that will move your forward to greater success. It’s your career – you are the one that is ultimately responsible for whether it thrives or not!

In addition to many years as a career coach, I draw on over 20 year’s leadership experience in a wide variety of senior management roles and have had real, hands-on experience of leading, motivating and encouraging people to achieve their personal goals and ambitions.  I am an ILM Level 7 qualified Executive Coach & Leadership Mentor, a Career Coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching. I also hold an ILM Level 7 Award in Strategic Leadership.


Some of the organisations I have worked with include: